A Flipper Zero application (aka “fap”) to interface with a SAM from the Flipper Zero over UART. Latest release on the App Catalog.


See “Probably Frequently Asked Questions:” on Red Team Tools NARD SAM expansion board product page



Download release versions via the Flipper App Catalog in the mobile companion apps.


Download builds based off of git at flipc


File issues in GitHub.


Option 1: NARD Flipper add-on

Buy it assembled at Red Team Tools, with or without SAM.

Or build it yourself from the files in the NARD repo.

Optionally 3d print a case designed by Antiklesys.

Option 2: Smart Card 2 Click

Put SAM (USA EU CA) into adapter (because of chip on top) and plug into reader (alt: digikey with cheaper US shipping). Connect reader to Flipper Zero (See Connections below).

Optionally 3d print a case designed by sean


Smart Card 2 Click Flipper
5v 1
GND 8 / 11 / 18
TX 16
RX 15


See repo readme.

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